Turnkey Project Execution

Proper security planning dictates multiple security disciplines from a variety of service providers. Selecting the appropriate security countermeasures and the best security provider can be a difficult task for most businesses. APC fills that void with our turnkey security services.

Whether your project is around the corner or across the country, APC can implement turnkey security countermeasures including:

  • Fencing & perimeter barriers
  • Vehicular gates & turnstiles
  • Security lighting
  • Workplace violence systems & barriers
  • Lobby control, security guard posts & command centers
  • Parking controls
  • Badging systems
  • Shipping / product / trucks & vehicular access control
  • Documentation & identification systems
  • Mustering / evacuation security controls
  • Video surveillance systems
  • Access control systems
  • Interior & exterior alarm & detection systems

Whether the security improvement project was a result of an “APC Security Risk Assessment” or a “Security Improvement Plan” by others, APC has completed security projects in every domestic U.S. State.