Security, Video & Access

Technician setting APC security cameraSecurity Alarm Systems
Security alarm systems are available for the most basic application from the corner store to the most sophisticated corporate headquarters or museums.

APC alarm systems can operate on your LAN, WAN or WiFi networks and are smart compatible. APC alarm system monitoring is available by Broadband, Digital or Cellular Data. APC alarm systems can be fully integrated with video, fire or access control systems.

APC understands that there is not a one-size fits all security system. At APC we have the security expertise and experience to analyze and design the appropriate security alarm system. Rest assured, whatever your security alarm application is, APC has a system and support services to serve your security needs and your budget.

Video Systems
Today’s miniaturized video components, digital & IP recording technology and video networking capabilities make video systems a viable and cost effective solution for many security applications.

APC offers both analog and IP video systems and can operate on your LAN, WAN, WiFi or fiber optic networks and are smart device compatible. APC video systems can be integrated with access control, alarm or fire systems and can network with other sites on a local or global basis.

APC access control systemAlthough the technical advancements have made video security installation much easier, a successful video system still requires design expertise and video application and network intelligence to ensure proper image viewing and the desired security result upon playback.

APC is affiliated with the finest state-of-the-art video manufacturers that offer product solutions from a basic video application to a complex integrated network video system.

Access Control Systems
Access control systems are one of the most important layers of security protection for your business. An access control system grants or denies entry to your building at all times, day or night. An access control system provides a historic blueprint of access activity of not only your entry doors but other critical areas within your facility.

Access control systems are the only system that truly provides documentation of activity within a facility.

APC offers access control systems from the simplistic to the sophisticated. Stand-alone, integrated, or networked, APC access control systems operate on your LAN, WAN, WiFi or fiber optic networks. APC has a product and the access expertise to serve your access control needs and budget.