Medical / Emergency Panic

IC Console & RemoteMedical and Emergency Panic services by APC mean you have instant access to medical and emergency personnel with a touch of a button!

Two Buttons: Twice the Care.

  • $14.95 per month Medical
  • $24.95 per month Medical and Nurse

Medical questions?

  1. Press the WHITE nurse button
  2. You are immediately connected to our 24-hour Nurse Line center through our console.
  3. Our Care Specialist will answer your medical questions or assess your medical needs.

Medical Emergency?

  1. Press the RED emergency button
  2. Your emergency response system is activated.
  3. Our Care Specialist will talk to you through the APC Instant Care Console. If this is a medical emergency, or if you do not respond, Emergency Medical Teams are dispatched to your home.
  4. Our Care Specialists will stay on the line until help arrives. Your loved ones and others you choose will be immediately contacted.

APC Instant Care Service

System requires owner to provide analog phone service. Cellular service is available at an additional cost.