Home Environment Protection

APC security monitored homeAPC Systems will let you know when there is a system trouble condition, as well as a zone memory light to let you know where a violation has occurred.

It gives you the knowledge of these conditions, as well as the Monitoring Center, so we can share equal information in solving any inconvenience to you.

APC systems can protect you against undesirable events and offer additional security features such as:

  • Low temperature, pipe-freezing conditions
  • Fire and heat conditions
  • Portable emergency buttons with 150 feet of the home
  • Safes and special collections, not to mention precious artwork
  • Remote telephone on/off capabilities
  • Activity report logging users’ coming in and out times


APC Interactive delivers total security system awareness anywhere, anytime. Remotely arm or disarm your system, allow specific user access and receive notifications of any alarm status change, easily and securely.  APC Interactive tells you when your kids get home or if your alarm system was not armed when you left for work. It’s peace of mind in the palm of your hand.

On Your Phone
The APC Interactive app provides a sleek, clear view of your security system anytime, anywhere on today’s most popular mobile devices including the iPhone, Android and Blackberry. Now you can arm and disarm your system and receive notifications directly on your phone. Experience a new level of protection when you have more control than ever before over your security system.

Are you paying a telephone bill just for your security system?
Now you can lose the line, increase your security and have one less bill to pay with wireless protection provided by APC cellular alarm solutions. APC keeps you connected to your security provider, even if you don’t have a landline. It’s ready 24/7 in case of an emergency.

Are you wirelessly protected?
Wireless protection from APC is the most secure form of protection

  • It cannot be defeated by tampering with your phone line
  • You have the freedom to change phone providers or eliminate them completely without jeopardizing your security.
  • It can work with your existing system without requiring a costly upgrade.

What does this mean?
Wirelessly protected means that your security system communicates with the alarm monitoring center using a robust and secure cellular network. A cell phone–like device connected to your home security panel transmits alarm signals wirelessly to the alarm monitoring center.

You don’t need a land line to have a security system.
Security dealers now use cellular technology to communicate with the alarm monitoring center. Not having a traditional phone line is no longer a barrier to increasing your safety. If you are one of the many people choosing to rely on your cell phone instead of installing a traditional phone line, you need to get wirelessly protected. In the past, the lack of a phone line would mean that you could not have a security system. But today, you can!

Security systems may not work reliably using a VOIP connection or digital telephone service. If your Internet router is disabled or if there’s a power outage, the alarm signal cannot be transmitted. Additionally, the alarm signals are susceptible to distortion using VOIP. APC’s cellular modules are designed specifically for the security industry.  They provide a reliable and ‘always on’ connection. Choose wireless protection – it operates independently and delivers the highest level of protection.

Sump Pump
A sump pump monitoring device is designed to detect the water level in your sump basin when it is at a high point. The system will send a signal to our monitoring center if this condition exists and we will call you or those you have assigned.

With a finished basement or when using the basement for a workshop or storage area, this device could potentially save you thousands of dollars in water damage.

A low temp sensor will adequately monitor the ambient temperature within your facility. Anytime the temperature falls below 42 degrees Fahrenheit, a signal will activate and be transmitted to the alarm center.  Hi/Low are also available with dual settings for high temperatures as well as low.

When a smoke or heat detector activates, the local sirens will uniquely sound and a device specific alarm signal will be transmitted to the alarm center. Also, each touch pad control will display the device activated and the alarm system’s situation status.

As a standard, smoke and heat detectors are programmed on 24-hour circuits so the fire protection is activated even when the burglary portion of the system is off.