Design & Consulting

APC provides design and consulting services for: building owners, electrical and general contractors, architects and electrical engineers and others responsible for facility life safety, security countermeasures, and fire protection.

APC provides code-compliant fire alarm design and installation by APC, an electrical contractor, or others. We can help with fire inspection violations compliance, mandated sprinkler system monitoring and perform state-required fire alarm testing.

iStock_000017158446XSmallAPC also provides security risk assessments and security countermeasure recommendations. APC can assist at any implementation level, including complete turnkey security countermeasure installation.

At APC, we take the design of your security and fire system seriously.  We have credentialed security and fire professionals who are experienced at designing a system which reduces vulnerabilities and meets fire codes.

Merely knowing how to mount and connect devices is a far cry from a properly designed security  or fire system. The application of products (such as video, access control, and alarm systems) and the ability to keep pace with the high-tech world in which we live makes APC a leader in system design and implementation.

The proper design of security and fire systems is the first step to achieving your desired protection level. Improper design may lead to critical security and fire vulnerabilities, as well as unnecessary costs.