Consulting & Risk Assessment

All businesses face some level of security threat. Knowing and identifying your security threat exposure is critical to selecting the appropriate security countermeasure for your business and your budget.

Risk Assessment

Each security threat to a business is unique. APC Risk Assessment Services provides the appropriate security intelligence, analysis, and security safeguards for any size business.

In today’s world, emergency and disaster planning is a necessity. Far beyond fire evacuation procedures, businesses should have clear security planning and security countermeasures for workplace violence, bomb threats, contamination threats, natural disasters, arson and fire, strikes, and civil unrest. The security risk to executives and business owners is even higher than for others. Acts of violence, revenge or frustration will often be directed toward executive staff members or business owners from disgruntled employees, customers or others.

APC can provide security consulting and risk assessment for a specific security concern or on a general site-wide basis.